Birmingham Michigan Interior Design

Birmingham Michigan is well known for its high-end shopping and beautiful homes. One other thing it’s become know for is are the beautifully decorated homes whose interiors have been designed by Staci A. Meyers.

When it comes to interior designers in Birmingham, Staci A. Meyers is known for her award-winning Interior Designer and has assisted numerous clients in achieving their dream environment. Her beautiful spaces have received recognition both at home and internationally and her client’s reviews reflect her sense of style and professionalism.

Staci has the ability to make all aspects of design work from accessories to fine furniture incorporating the personality of her clients. Personality is an ingredient of design that makes space feel like it belongs to the people living in the space. Staci knows the importance of the role of that aspect of interior design.

Whether it’s decorating a room or a major renovation, Staci invests her time from initial concept to installation. She brings in a professional staff of architects and contractors who adhere to the schedule and budget. Her interior spaces are compliant to both family-friendly clients with casual taste, to formal, majestic, celebrity-inspired spaces. All of her environments are conducive to entertaining and yet comfortable and classic, Also, design as well as functionality is important to her and always part of the concept. Projects whether big or small receive her expertise and creativity with the same quality of dedication. Her service to customers as well as her work has not gone unnoticed.

Staci’s designs have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Neocon, Detroit News Home Style section. Detroit Home, and Ambassador to name a few. Shows that have featured Staci’s work include Premiere, season 10, and Bang for your Buck Detroit where she received the best of show award. Staci has proven to be well known and admired for her work from former clients as well as former design firms with whom she has worked. 

At the onset of her design process, Staci envisions a methodic plan noting every request and detail that results in a gorgeous and inspiring residence. Her professionalism and meticulous strategy have proven effective by countless satisfied clients. Staci has been described as easy to work with and highly responsive to any question or detail. Her talented staff of skilled tradesmen carries out her vision in the most accurate and artistic methods. Endlessly detailed specifications, diagrams, and instructions make the outcome of her designs foolproof and flawless resulting in nothing less than perfection.

Through her optimistic demeanor and willingness to work with her team, Staci has earned countless repeat clients and recommendations for her flawless finished products. Experience, expertise, and values her reputation as a quality interior designer is Staci’s trademark, 


We assure our clients that your project is timeless, elegant, and functional and will be an enjoyable part of your life every day. Our designs are backed by the professionalism, education, and quality of service that make us proud to fill each and every home with the style, creativity, and balance that is our standard. Interior design has become important to our lives and our lifestyle. Taking pride in creating a space you love is our goal. We hope every space we are a part of will be a place of memories for years to come. 

Staci Meyers Birmingham Michigan Interior Design